Attract and retain your valued employees.

For decades, Wright Brothers Benefit Consultants have been helping local, regional, and national businesses develop innovative benefit strategies to attract and retain their valued employees.


Who are we…

Employee group benefit consultants brokering group Life, Health and Retirement plans through the top plan providers in Canada. Our job is to help you provide a comprehensive benefit plan to your employees at competitive rates.

We find the true value of the benefit plan comes to light during some of life’s most difficult times. We’re here to help, and have established procedures to assist employers and employees make the administrative and claiming processes run as seamless as possible.

Our Mission Statement…

For over 40 years our mission has been to build long-term relationships with clients as their trusted, exclusive benefit broker. Our commitment and endless assistance gives our clients the time to focus on running their business with the confidence that their employees are well-supported and performing at their best.

Wright Brothers Benefit Consultants Inc.

103-4430 Chatterton Way,
Victoria, BC
V8X 5J2, Canada